The Vintage Skeleton.

Thanks to the beauty of the internet and social media, we all have the pleasure of coming across really cool people doing really cool things.  I came across The Vintage Skeleton on Twitter of all places and knew this fella and his work was something I had to share. Michael Gramling by name, The Vintage Skeleton, by moniker. This badass 24 year old, currently living in Charlotte, NC, is a corporate designer by day and artist by night. In 2010, he started making t-shirts in college, and now he owns and is the only designer of The Vintage Skeleton Shop.  Dude takes high fashion label logos and turns them into designs that seem to come to life in a bit of a 'Mickey broke the broom into a million creepy, really aggressive brooms in Fantasia' sort of way.  It's awesome.


Though he has just sold out of his 'Arms N' Gloves' design, Michael has just launched his 'Leg N' Boot' design and it's fantastic.  And bless him for using the original logo instead of the new 'y'-less version which has me up in arms.

Arms N' Gloves

So come on fashion crew!  These 'play on logos' designs are one of the biggest trends happening at the moment...get on board!  How would you style one of these bad boys?  I'd love to know!  (P.S. Michael uses American Apparel t-shirts which means they are going to be super comfy-cozy too.)

Leg N' Boot

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(All images c/o Vintage Skeleton)