Wantful: Possibly The Best Gift Ever.

I love giving gifts.  There is something I adore about the hunt for something personal and unusual for a person you care about.  From the smallest token gesture to a present to celebrate something huge, it really is about the thought you put in, not the money you spend.  It's about the gesture as much as it is about what you're giving.  But every now and then, even the best giver of gifts hits a creative block.  This holiday season, it hit me hard.  I've had almost everyone I love made into Bobby Dazzler dolls and it felt a bit like 'where the hell do I go from here?!'  And then, like a little holiday fairy with a great head of hair, Bri over at DesignLoveFest swooped in and saved the day, introducing me to Wantful! There is nothing worse than giving someone a gift they aren't crazy about.  And gift hunting should not be half-assed.  Gift cards are practical but impersonal.  Money is a cop-out.  (I will still accept money, don't take that the wrong way, people who want to give me money.)  And when it came to my brother and his lovely girlfriend, who would be spending her first Christmas among our holiday craziness which involves a lot of tequila and a lot of inappropriate Secret Santa behavior following said tequila, I wanted to do something special.  Wantful is an incredible website that gives you the ability to tailor-make a beautiful, personalized book of gifts for the recipient to choose from.  Let me take you through the steps and then give it a whirl yourself...it's ridiculously fun.


1. Sign-up for Wantful and begin to 'create a gift' for whoever you would like.  You'll create a profile of sorts that is based around the interests and personality of the person you are giving to, including what your relationship is to the person, what the gift is for, what their style is, where they would spend their free time, the kind of home they would love to live in, how organized they are, and so on.  This is all done very visually and is a joy to complete.  Remember, you can save all the various gifts you are creating so you can come back, revisit and edit until you're ready to order.

Wantful women's assortment

2. After completing the profile, you'll be given a huge selection of recommended gifts according to the profile you created.  All of these gifts are part of a beautifully curated collection items from artists and designers around the world.  They are unusual, practical, personal...everything you could want is here.  So what do you do now?  You go through them all, learn more about each item, and then choose 12 items that the recipient of your gift will be able to choose from.  Have fun with it!  It's brilliant!

Wantful men's assortment

3. Once you've chosen the curated collection of 12, it's time to personalize the book or 'catalog' that you'll be giving as the first part of this gift.  You'll choose cover artwork. add a note inside and get to see a preview of what the hard copy will look like.  (It's beautiful, by the way...I couldn't believe what a stunning presentation arrived in the mail!)  You have the option to send the book as an email but I think the physical book is such a treat.  Send it directly to the person or have it sent so you can hand over the book yourself.  You can even set a date in the future to have it sent!  The folks at Wantful have thought of EVERYTHING.

Wantful Gift Book

4. When you give your gift, the recipient will be able to browse the collection you personally curated for them and then can choose one of the items to have sent directly to them (shipping costs are already included in your price).  All they need to do is sign onto Wantful, enter the personalized code found in their book and pick them item they want sent to them.  If they can't make up their mind?  Gifts are available for individual purchase.  Amazing.

Inside Gift Book

5. When they choose their gift, you'll get an email letting you know what they picked and they can even send a little note along with it!  How cute!

Both my brother and his girlfriend were so excited about getting to see what kinds of things I had picked for them and then getting to choose their gifts.  It's such a beautifully personal gift that allows the ability to choose exactly the gift they want.  I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about Wantful.  It is as much fun to create as it is to receive.

Go! Have fun! Be Wantful!

(All images c/o Wantful)