Etsy Monday: White Faux Taxidermy.

As I revisited Etsy this weekend after somewhat of a self-imposed ban, I have to admit that it had me buzzing.  Where Pinterest can be as addictive, it doesn't always offer the immediate satisfaction (or any, in some cases) of buying what you see.  I have curated my own personal Etsy mall of sorts and though I know I do share my finds now and then, I thought it would be fun to do a weekly spotlight on Etsy shops that I find and love.  So welcome to Etsy Monday!  First up, White Faux Taxidermy. A couple of seasons ago, I got read the riot act by some very bad spellers on Twitter after I announced my excitement at jewel-toned leather and furs at a show I was attending.  Though I am not getting into a debate about the usage of these materials, I thought White Faux Taxidermy could appease both sides of the argument.  I love the look of taxidermy and other such items in interior decorating.  What I love more than actual taxidermy is fake taxidermy.  We all have our own personal aesthetics...relax.





There is something extra cool about these items with the resin base and unexpected colors and textures.  They make a real statement without being TOO over the top.  And animal lovers and hunters alike should appreciate the craft.  If you are looking to match an item to a room, they will do custom colors on all their work.  Bonus.


(All images c/o White Faux Taxidermy)