Uncovet Is Doing Amazing Things Today.

I'm still in Mexico, exploring and enjoying and am just not ready to properly sit down and write about what I've been up to.  Mostly because I am trying to extend the feeling of this trip still being in motion and not like any part of it might be over.  You can get some peeks at what has been happening over on my Instagram (@thrillofthechaise) but today I wanted to talk about what is happening as we speak over at Uncovet.  Because it's awesome. And time sensitive.  And I know I shouldn't be doing any shopping online while here on vacation but, dammit, they make it impossible not to do so.  See my other chit-chat about Uncovet here. As a review, if you don't know Uncovet, this website is a really beautiful curation of great artwork, handmade goods and all around clever items that gets updated every day.  The sales on items are limited-time offers and have enough new items on a daily basis to distract you but not overwhelm.  Today, they kinda knocked it out of the park, so I wanted to share some of my favorite things... In unrelated news, my birthday is June 28th and I'll be 30 so that's kind of a big deal. (Click on the images to see more information.)

Creme de la Creme Print (Beautiful Black)

Creme de la Creme Print (Adorable Pink)

Secret Message Necklace (aka ridiculously romantic)

The Brooklyn Bag (made from a found kimono, which I love, this is why)

Chanel Perfume Print

Tiny Custom Bar Necklace

Floral Embroidered Satchel

Go.  Shop Uncovet.  Be merry.

(All images c/o Uncovet)