Hola. Here Ends My Knowledge of the Spanish Language.

I left the house at 3am yesterday.  I went through two time zones, got a little bit fussy on two very turbulent plane rides, had an awkward stare-down with a guy throwing back Bloody Mary's and chocolate chip cookies at 10am at Dallas airport, passed a pilgrimage or two on a long drive and BOOM, a mere 16 or so hours from our starting point, we arrived in the oasis that is San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. P1000633

While I settle in a bit today, unpack, get my bearings and relax just enough that I am energized again, I wanted to share some of my posts from my visit here last year...


I bought some beautiful, handmade jewelry and had the pleasure of visiting the artist's studio to see not just her own work, but the work of her husband and her budding artist children here.

Forget Halloween.  If you want to see some adorable little ones dressed up in brilliant costumes, enjoy the parade on the first day of Spring here.  It's fast approaching!


I like Mexican cuisine.  I like margaritas even more.  Here.

San Miguel is an artists' colony and has been for basically ever.  If you want to see all that's beautiful in the mix of culture, tradition, colors and skill, check out this post on artisan work in this creative little town.


Or just get a little intro here.  Off to explore now! xx