Robot Rock.

This may not be the inspiration behind Patricia Chang's Spring collection but it's my inspiration behind loving it.  Am I a robot enthusiast?  Nah.  But do they have a special little place in my heart?  Oh yes.  But they gotta be cute and well-placed.  And yes, I know all this rambling sounds ridiculous but I have an opinion on robots and I'm more than happy to share it. [youtube=]


I love the colors and details of this collection.  Sometimes the biggest (robot) statements are made when they are understated.  I mean, I'd be totally down to wear a get up that made someone say 'wait, oh shit, is that a robot?!'  Anyone?

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Oh.  And while we're on the topic of robots.


Etsy. Robots in love. Cute. The Big Harumph.

(All fashion images c/o Patricia Chang)