New Obsession: Cate Parr.

What are the sayings?  Those who can't 'do', teach?  Those who need therapy become therapists? Those who can't draw obsess and buy?  Yeah...I'm one of those.  Much like the tap dance incident of 2011, I had very high hopes that when I attempted fashion illustration while attending Parsons (I was forced to take the class, don't get it twisted) that I would be naturally brilliant.  Pen to paper and LOOK OUT! Magic!  But as it turns out (again, much like the tap dancing), I was shit.  So the direction I decided to go was to completely obsess over those who are actually great artists and, as a consolation prize, hopefully one day have some ballin' artwork to hang in my future home.  I've written about the incredible Blonde Lasagne before here.  But I wanted to take a moment to really appreciate Cate Parr, who offers a completely different style with stunning jewel tones and soft watercolors.  Freaking love it.







(All images c/o Cate Parr)