Dolce! Dolce! Dolce! & Gabbana Fall 2013.

While we were in the middle of London Fashion Week, a whole debate in the fashion blogger world kicked off about the coverage of fashion shows by blogs that really made me stop and think.  Basically, the consensus was that almost everyone reports the same shows and says the same things with the same images and it's really is overkill.  While I love discussing all the collections, it was a totally fair appraisal of what is going on.  We are all banging on about the same exact things during Fashion Month and in a world where originality is praised and necessary, it's no wonder readers are a bit bored. To be honest, bloggers are a bit bored at the moment too.  It's been quite a funny shift in the last few that I was worried I was the only one feeling, thus making me question every single one of my life decisions and what it is I am doing with myself.  Brilliant.  But yesterday, just as my meltdown was reaching fever pitch, Meg Biram posted a call to arms of sorts, calling out the situation and searching for answers in how to pull herself (and hopefully the rest of us) out of the slump. You can check it out here.  So 'phew' on that one.  I'm not losing my mind.

But I like to examine the collections and share the things I love with all my dear readers.  CROSSROADS.  So I came to the conclusion that I would only share the collections that seriously caught my attention.  And as soon as I said that, bloody Dolce & Gabbana had to come along though and put this incredible collection down the runway and, dammit, I had to share.  The delightful devil is in the details for this collection.

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(All images c/o Tumblr)