Tumble & Fall.

After being stuck so long looking at spreadsheets and data reports and other such delightful treats while working in marketing, when I finally decided to leave my job to go explore what it was that inspired me and head back to fashion school (where they demand you use your creative brain), I started to obsess over imagery.  Maybe it was because I was finally taking the time to look at things and how I reacted to them or how they made me feel without feeling the need to explain it to someone later on.  I didn't NEED to analyze anything unless I really wanted to.  Or I could take something at surface and not have to concern myself with anything other than the visual. Needless to say, this means that I get pretty hopped up on the sillies when it comes to sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, which both play to my increasingly short attention span and need to see a lot all at once.  So I wanted to invite you to join me in all of these mediums.  I like to share things that grab my attention...that's what this blog is really all about...and I would like to invite you to let me!  So check me out up on these places:

Thrill of the Chaise Tumblr is a place where I am getting to be a lot more visual than I tend to be on this blog.  I love to write.  I love to communicate through the written word.  But there are moments when I just want to speak through images.  So check out the Tumblr and see what's getting me inspired.

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I started The Coquette Costume while I was in Paris this past summer studying with Parsons.  We were each assigned a topic and mine was lingerie!  My first proper interview in London was for Agent Provocateur and I spent my entire freshman year at college writing a report on Madonna and her sexuality (based mostly around her 'Sex' book and her Truth or Dare tour), so it was ever so fitting.  I've always seen lingerie as something beautiful, delicate and a bit of a treasure that women can keep as secret as they please.  Now, that being said, there is a lot of filth on Tumblr so a word to the wise...if you search 'lingerie', be warned.  Maybe just visit The Coquette Costume to get the good stuff.

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