Anna Sui & Honor Fall 2013: New Wave French Fanatics.

So it appears as though two of my favorite design houses finally got hip enough to the fact that Anna Karina is the most badass bitch there ever was (overstatement, but she is fabulous) and French New Wave is the inspiration that was so cool and obvious that everyone forgot to make use of it.  I have had excited blog-based squeal fests over the gorgeous Anna Karina and everything she and Jean-Luc Godard created here and here.  When my eyes spotted a tweet that used all those previously mentioned buzz words along with 'Anna Sui Fall 2013 collection', I couldn't get over to faster.

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Was it everything I wanted and more?  Meh.  I appreciated this collection.  And I may have gone into viewing it as slightly more Godardian and slightly less Anna Sui psychedelics.  So that was my bad.  But all I could really think was how much this collection almost mirrored what was sent down the runway for her Fall 2012 the point where, without looking back at the other collection, I could have sworn that all the fabrications and silhouettes between the two were identical (though the absence of the knit owl hats was obvious).  The gold and black dress featured really caught my eye (below) but the rest was loved but not adored.

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Honor is a designer that I have really come to love and admire in the short time they have been kicking around (you can read my first post about them here).  And it has to be said that their Fall 2013 collection made-up for what I felt Anna Sui may have lacked when paying homage to Anna, Jean-Luc and New Wave.  I don't even think it was their intention to use a similar inspiration but it happened, so let's all listen for a hot minute and then move on.  Honor delivered what I wanted Anna Sui to. Though it does lack Anna S' quirky, silly charm, it's Honor, so that's totally ok.

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