Marc by Marc Jacobs & Marc Jacobs Fall 2013: The King of Everything.

When you ask someone who the living greats of fashion design are, you're sure to get the classic answers: Oscar, Karl, Ralph, Valentino...  But up there with the seasoned legends is a reasonably younger designer who is actually trumping all the others at the moment is Marc Jacobs.  His Marc by Marc Jacobs show for Fall 2013 had 'cool girl' refinement down to perfection.  It felt like a bit of a change for this one of Marc's collections.  It was subdued but it worked.  Hair and make-up direction was obviously 'sex it up' and against 40's style silhouettes, it all worked together seamlessly.

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But in a way, it had to.  Not just to send out a good collection for Marc by Marc Jacobs, but to cover the designer's ass as he was already at the center of one of the most controversial moments of NYFW...  It is UNHEARD of to move a show.  Especially when the show is only a few days away.  As some designers were scrambling to beat the elements (i.e. a complete bastard of a blizzard), the MJ camp was dealing with delayed deliveries of, well, basically all of his signature Marc Jacobs collection.  Pressure was on.  And to be expected, Marc Jacobs did not disappoint.  In fact, the Marc Jacobs shows proved to be one of the most incredible of the entire week.  While many of the looks deemed wearing trousers superfluous, and in one case, no top required, it was a stunning show.  In summary, get your sequins out, bitches.  It's time to shiiine.

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