Thom Browne Fall 2013: Painting The Roses Red.

Thom Browne is a designer that you either love or hate.  His looks are always bizarre but fascinating.  He's been making headlines recently dressing the First Lady for some of her most public appearences...which may be a surprise to those of us who are familiar with Mr. Browne.  I would have paid good money to see the faces of some Michelle Obama fans who were keen to see the designer's Fall 2013 show.

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I am sure this is something that all Thom Browne fans are bored of hearing, but part of why I love this designer so much is because his vision always seems to morph the incredible tailoring and dark craftsmanship of Alexander McQueen with the sinister and bizarre imagination of Tim Burton to perfection.  So basically, two of my favorite things colliding in one place.  But let me be clear...Thom Browne is so much more than hybrid of other influences.

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His collection for Fall 2013 paid a visit to Wonderland.  So great.  There he goes again, picking out another one of my favorite things as inspiration.  The focus was on a visit to the garden of the Queen of Hearts.  In some ways, it was brighter than other Thom Browne shows...roses and matching red lips and nails.  I found myself feeling a bit out of my comfort zone because I was prepared to be more intimidated.  So, always surprised apparently.

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