Misha Nonoo Fall 2013: Straight-Up Adorable Beefeater.

Well, I finally feel caught up on all the collections from not just New York Fashion Week but also the first part of London Fashion Week.  Phew.  Last season, I remember feeling like I just couldn't wait until springtime when I could start to put some of my favorite looks from the runway into motion.  But this season, as the snow continues to fall, it just makes me want to immediately slip into the trends for next autumn.  Augh, this snow.  Anywho, generally I would exhaust you all with every single collection that caught my eye, even if it was just a couple of looks.  But I have decided that I need to be more gentle with the both of us this time around.  Though I fell in love with looks from Oscar de la Renta, Altazurra, Catherine Malandrino, Kimberly Ovtiz, so on and so forth...I gotta streamline.  I'll be featuring just a few of my favorite collections from NYFW, starting with Misha Nonoo who caught my attention last season.

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There is something very sweet and accessible about Misha Nonoo that I really appreciate.  Last season was a bit of a Frida meets New England sweetheart vibe.  This season...I started to think if maybe the designer and I are twins.  The Fall 2013 collection was a youthful British cool steeped in tradition.  Models literally wore mini-Beefeater hats and the hints of military regalia did not go unnoticed.

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And I always obsess over the idea of a ball gown styled with an otherwise casual look.  I'm currently considering wearing such gowns more often.  At the moment, I am envisioning myself sitting on the couch, watching TV in a big old fluffy dress and I'm freakin' loving it.

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