Jill Stuart Fall 2013.

I've always had a soft spot for Jill Stuart.  The designer does grown-up girly perfectly and always seems to make me want to throw on a frock and head to a cocktail party.  Where there have been moments in the past of a bit too much sweetness, this Fall 2013 collection created a slightly darker romance and a more severe sense of feminine strength.  Don't get it twisted, we are the bosses.

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Maybe my adoration comes from the undertones and inspiration of a modern, aristocratic party in the English countryside.  I mean, that's the dream, right?!  Ok, maybe not 'the dream' but we all like to pretend we are a bit more fancy than we actually are sometimes.  Pops of bright color were present here and there but the focus was on the fabrics, the cut and the details.  As I am catching up on the shows, it's clear that designers have really focused on construction this season and I f**king love it.  Now, Jill Stuart, get in my wardrobe.  It's ridiculous you aren't living in there already.

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(All images c/o Style.com)