Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Spring 2013.

First reaction to this collection?  Costumes.  But costumes I would be happy to wear.  Silhouettes were stunning.  Beauty details were stunning.  Accessories were stunning.  Fabrications.  Shoes.  Styling.  So forth and so on.  Ulyana Sergeenko sent out a gorgeous collection for her second time around, vying for a place in the elite 'couture club'.

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Ulyana has always fascinated me.  As part of the Russian 'fash pack', Ulyana is not a new face on the fashion scene.  She and her equally hot/adorable Russian gal pals are always the hottest shot all the photographers are vying for outside the shows every season.  If I was to be slightly critical, it would be that this collection really just seems like an extension of the designer's own style.  But to contradict myself...maybe that's what makes it so good.  If you are your own inspiration, you're also your harshest critic.  Regardless, Ulyana's Russian roots and folklorish whimsy (yeah, I used that word, get over it) are obvious inspiration and I'm loving it.  See the entire collection here.

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(All images c/o Style.com)