Alexis Mabille Couture Spring 2013.

Couture is a dying art.  This season, for me at least, the collections seems to have started without me even really noticing.  Don't tell the rest of the fashion world I said that, please.  Anyway, the first collection I took a peek at was Alexis Mabille and was ready to be underwhelmed.  But dammit.  This collection makes me want to be a ballerina.  Or at least dress like one.  Or at least dress the way I think ballerinas should dress.

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Ballerina!  I want to be a mother f**king ballerina!  And the silver hair was pretty cool too.  But I may leave that for the runway...  But otherwise, wrap me up in tulle and send me on my way!  See the entire collection here.

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