Eric Cantona x The Kooples.

French label The Kooples is one of my favorite labels out there.  The look is ever so Parisian.  The marketing is super cool couples.  The trademark symbol is a small and ever so understated skull detail.  As the label moves slowly onto US soil, it doesn't help ease the pain of missing out on a pair of boots I've been watching that finally went on sale (UK and France-based friends, anyone want to run an errand for me?!).  But they did go ahead and make a new move that earned them some more 'cool credits' in my eyes...

The Kooples 10FW - Gemma & Robert

If I have a decent understanding of the demographic that reads Thrill of the Chaise, I would say that about 40% of you may have an idea of who Eric Cantona is, and for the 60% that don't...I was one of you until a few years ago.  Monsieur Cantona is a French footballer who made a name for himself playing a pretty incredible game while never being short of some reasonably out-of-control antics for Manchester United.  (You would be surprised at my knowledge of Manchester United football club...)  If you haven't seen him out on the pitch, you may have seen him on the silver screen in Elizabeth.  I mean, you may have also seen him in the film Looking for Eric, but if that is the case, you'd know who he is since he plays himself as a sort of invisible friend to a Manchester United fan.


THERE'S A POINT.  The Kooples has teamed up with the football legend and has him on model-duty with his Hottie McHot lady friend.  For as much as I think Eric Cantona is a total dude, I think his steely glare and what I might call 'extreme modeling' may have been a bit over-the-top.  But I didn't want to write about this pairing to knock Cantona's inability to act natural in this campaign.  I wanted to write about it because the special edition Cantona polo shirts for the label are freakin' badass.


If you're a guy, buy one.  You will immediately have my respect and I'll make sure to tell everyone how cool you are.  And before you ask, yes, that is a little skull crest on the chest.  Honestly, this shirt makes me kinda wish I was a dude.  But only kinda, I like wearing eyeliner too much.

Cantona RedCantona Black

Cantona White

(All images c/o The Kooples.)