A Picture Worth A Thousand Words.

As I start to get back into the swing of things with the blog (and apologize for still being in a holiday haze), I finally get to share some of the great things that were a part of my giving and receiving!  Every time I stumbled across something I knew was too perfect to pass up as a gift for a loved one, my second thought was always that I wanted to share it on Thrill of the Chaise.  But as my parents and boyfriend proved to me with their impeccably curated gifts, they read the blog and far be it from me to let the cat out of the bag before they actually open their presents.

Surreal Birdcage


I came across photographer Elle Moss thanks to the lovely Astrid from Astrid Endeavor (who makes these beautiful necklaces).  It took me days to try to decide which photo I would choose to give as a gift and twice as long as that to choose which would I would get to give to myself.  Whoops.

Skeleton Dance

Merry Go Round

Horse Mask on Bed

Elle has such a beautiful eye and an obviously brilliant imagination.  Her images would make a great series (her smaller sized prints are perfect for this or she sells sets of prints) but can also stand on their own as a gorgeous focal point to a room.  From shots that could be fashion editorials to nature shots to some very cool food photography, there are hundreds of prints to browse through on her Etsy shop here.

Tree Lights


Flower Portrait

And while I have your attention...Astrid has some really stunning love tokens just in time for what feels like a rapidly approaching Valentine's Day.  So cuuuuute.  Check out her Etsy shop here.

Astrid Heart Necklace

Astrid Love Brooches

Astrid Smooch Brooch

Astrid Face Brooch

(All Elle Moss images c/o Elle Moss.  All Astrid Endeavor images c/o Astrid Endeavor.)