Deetz: Beetlejuice's Fashion Icon.

Beetlejuice is one of my favorite films.  Tim Burton is one of my favorite filmmakers.  Lydia Deetz is one of my fictional heroines.  You may be able to imagine, in that case, what kind of reaction I had when I saw looks from Deetz, a new UK-based label named after and inspired by Miss Lydia herself.  Kooky, cool, sweet.  Aside from the questionable fringe on anyone but Winona Ryder, she is one of the coolest and easily overlooked fashion icons from the world of film. [youtube=]

Generally when all these factors come together, there is only space to be disappointed.  Not much can usually live up to your fantastical idea of how this fictional character could be realized in real life.  But Deetz surpassed the outlandish expectations I had.  Every look has a sense of Burton-esque excessiveness but somehow whimsical enough to make it understated so it becomes cool without trying too hard.

Deetz1 Deetz2 Deetz3

What I'm saying is, I can't wait to try and get my paws on some, if not all, of this collection.  Gimme.  All of it.  Gimme now.  I want to be a spooky yet adorable fashion plate.

Deetz4 Deetz5 Deetz6 Deetz7 Deetz8 Deetz9

(All images c/o Deetz)