The Beauty of Holiday Details.

Every year, as the holidays approach, something rather magical happens to my family home.  It may be slightly more my mother and her expert taste in decor than actual 'magic', in reality, but the entire house is transformed into a winter wonderland.  What gets me every year is the attention paid to every little detail.  You can see images from last year here, but I wanted to share some more detailed shots around the house from this year too.  There isn't a corner of the house, of a windowsill, of a shelf that doesn't seem to have a little treat waiting to remind you that the holidays have arrived.

2012-12-24 13.07.16 2012-12-24 13.07.32 2012-12-24 13.10.39 2012-12-24 13.11.39 2012-12-24 13.12.52 2012-12-24 13.13.09 2012-12-24 13.14.15 2012-12-24 13.14.53 2012-12-24 13.18.33 2012-12-24 13.22.23 2012-12-24 13.22.40 2012-12-24 13.27.59 2012-12-24 13.29.46 2012-12-24 13.30.35 2012-12-24 13.35.22

All photos were taken by the lovely Kanoe Wentworth.  If you are looking for a photographer and would like her contact details, email me at and I'll be happy to put you in touch!