Road Trip: From West to East.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I'm currently in the Rockies, out in the tundra otherwise known as Colorado.  I arrived two days ago, sticking out like a sore, 'try-too-hard to be normal just to backfire' thumb in cat-eye sunglasses and a Michael Kors fur-collar coat I felt looked rustic, only to have to text my mother immediately after walking out of the airport to say 'I'm here. And I look like an a**hole'.  But whatever, I like it out here.  It's beautiful and they have great food and I also like my brother, the actual reason for this visit. Boulder, Colorado

This afternoon, while my brother preps for a work trip to ski resorts across France, I will be packing up his ridiculously large (to me) Tahoe truck complete with his black lab, Boozer, and hitting the dusty trail to Denver where I will pick-up his lovely girlfriend as we begin our journey across the country.  Yup, the three of us girls (yes, Boozer is a lady dog) will be making our way back to the East Coast over the next 3 days, fingers crossed, and it's probably going to be as ridiculous as it will be boring.

manhattan road trip

I'll be doing my best to document this voyage with hopefully more than video of me talking to the dog like she's a person and complaining that my butt is asleep, so make sure that you are following me on Twitter, Instagram (@thrillofthechaise) and Facebook to keep an eye on us.  My 86-year-old great-aunt called me last night to tell me that I better stay out of trouble.  This does not bode well.