Pre-Fall 2013: 10 Crosby Derek Lam, Donna Karan & Michael Kors

It feels like only yesterday I was running around NYFW like a crazy person and combing through update after update on to see all the runways in London, Milan and Paris.  And in a sense, it was only yesterday.  It's been barely 2 months since we saw the Spring/Summer 2013 shows wrap and somehow we are already looking at the collections for Pre-Fall 2013!  We are quickly approaching 'fashion month' for the Fall/Winter collections in February so I wanted to share a little taste of some of what I have liked (and maybe didn't) for Pre-Fall.  First up, 10 Crosby Derek Lam, Donna Karan & Michael Kors. 10 Crosby Derek Lam is always touch and go with me.  I know they are the purveyors of everything cool and that I should probably be wearing a uniform of sorts outfitted by this label.  But I'm not.  That doesn't mean I don't love some of the stuff they do, however.  This may actually be some of my favorite looks from the label full-stop.  And if anyone is going to make glorified pajamas that I can get on board with, it's 10 Crosby Derek Lam.  Though if I wore them, I think they would probably be confused as actual pajamas, this collection looks not only easy to wear but incredibly comfortable.  So I suppose maybe if I make sure I am not wearing any of these looks with slippers, I might actually be able to pull it off.

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Donna Karan is awesome.  I think she seems like a really nice (if not a bit bossy) lady and she's kind of a fox.  It's obvious she tapped into that foxy side for this collection, delivering some really sexy silhouettes and a few 'damn girl' moments.  Not exactly what I would call original but the collection was beautifully constructed.  It could remind you a bit of Raf Simons and the shapes he used especially in his final Jil Sander collection but Donna puts her New York twist on it (i.e. it's mostly black) and she experiments with fabrications in between.

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Michael Kors has moments of really impressing me.  And I'll be honest, it takes a lot of work because I have grown ever so sick of seeing his big flashy logo on every person and their mom's handbag.  I associate him with Macy's, which is not at all good for him as I have a growing distaste for the department store's obvious lack of self-respect (they've gotten sloppy).  But his runway shows and higher end collections have started to really catch my eye.  Like Ms. Karan, the collection was good but not all that original.  It was steeped really heavily in the 1950's and if you looked at the garments without the styling, they have potential to read a bit matronly.  But he threw some leather and bright colors in at times and it made me smile.



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