Lovely Little Fortune Cookie.

Like any good Chinese food-eating Westerner, I love fortune cookies.  The cookies themselves can be a bit boring while also somehow being exactly what you need after a heavy-duty pig-out but the best part is the actual fortune.  Not that we really set our forward thinking on a mass-produced bit of paper clever baked into a cookie and written in usually highly entertaining broken English...but actually, I did once.  My freshman year of college, one of my best friends and I started to debate the crazy idea of spending a month in China studying that summer.  Because, why not? In true college student fashion, we ordered Chinese food to sit and map out the pros and cons of this somewhat outlandish idea.  At the end of the meal, only really coming to the shared conclusion that this was a brilliantly silly idea, the destruction of my fortune cookie led to a fortune basically saying 'you better take the opportunity that is in front of you'.  Oh snap.  Ok, cookie.

So we decided that China was exactly what was written in the stars for us.  And on the night that we both confirmed our places on the course, we ordered Chinese food again (any excuse, really).  My fortune on this night told me that I had a wonderful experience ahead of me.  No joke.  I found it endearing for a moment and then I wanted this cookie to stop being creepy and get out of my brain.

The whole point of this story is a necklace.  A necklace that has nothing to do with my going to China.  But everything to do with the power of a fortune cookie.


Christina Kober makes the most adorable little fortune cookie necklaces and gives you the chance to customize your own little fortune that is quietly tucked away at the back of the necklace.  It's adorable, it's personal and seriously unique.  What a perfect gift idea!


What would your fortune say?

(All images c/o Christina Kober)