Santa Would Probably Make A Great Mailman.

Last year, I wrote a post about some great holiday cards that I came across (check them out here) and as I find more and more than warm my sarcastic but excited little cockles, it's obvious they needed to be shared.  I love that I still have friends who take the time and use their incredible amount of thoughtfulness to send out Christmas cards every year.  In my head, I am one of those people.  But in practice, I write and then forget to send.  Suppose I can at least be proud that I get halfway there. Cami's Paperie Festive Skull Card

Deep Blue Sea Double Decker Bus Card

RockPaperScissors Nearly Everybody Card

Sweet Perversion Santa's Balls Card

CraftGoblin Hello My Name Is Card

Stuff Anna Loves Christmas Dinner Card

Funny Girls Cards Skanks Card

Fun Girls Cards Filthy Animal Card

Magenta Belle Vintage Airmail Card

And The Some Fa La La Card

When It Rains Merry & Bright Card

Now let's all take a moment and thank Santa for inventing Etsy :)