Maje Winter Sale. Maje-or.

I don't know if that pun properly translated.  To be fair, it took me ages to understand the proper pronunciation of the brand's name.  Whatever.  It's 'may-j'.  Am I helping or hurting? I fell in love with Maje properly when I was in Paris this summer and caught in a flurry of summer sales which was equal parts best thing to ever happen to me and pure torture.  Maje is cool French girl chic.  It has its moments of being quite quirky but it the classic French take on fashion being all about the power of the understatement.  So when I found myself running in excited circles when I got an email about their Fall/Winter sale, I wanted to share some of my top picks.

Reve Print Top

Tabatha Black Bag

Rare Tiger Print Skirt

Solene Printed Dress

Lemmy Black Jacket

Happy 'treat yourself to some gifts just before Christmas' shopping!

(All images c/o Maje)