Sleazy Jane Leather Bag. My Uncovet Dream Gift.

I've rambled on about Uncovet before (here).  But for those of you who don't know, Uncovet is a magical website that curates daily emails with fun, handcrafted and very clever gifts...for you or for others...and feature them at a discount for a limited time.  If I wasn't completely impressing myself with self-restraint, I would very likely be buying something from Uncovet every single day.  No joke. Having just purchased a gift there for a loved one literally minutes before writing this post that I wish I could share but cannot because the aforementioned loved one reads this blog, I wanted to share MY dream gift from the site.  In true Kate fashion, I never fail to choose the most expensive thing on offer and then obsess over it and wonder why I always seem to do this to myself.  But what's done is done and I have fallen in love with the Sleazy Jane Leather Bag from O My Bag.


Look at her.  She's cool.  She's convertible.  She's very pretty and knows her worth.  I know she wants to live with me and I'd give her a very happy life.  Sigh.  True love is never easy, right?


Well, she's on sale for $269.99.  She's for pre-order only (so you have to wait for 5 weeks but what is 5 weeks in the span of a lifetime?!)  So sign-up for Uncovet and join me in my retail therapy group.  We meet every day, all day.


(All images c/o Uncovet)