Girls With Class.

With my brain a bit fried from being in the middle of finals (FINAL finals! I finish at Parsons this month!), it has been a slow week for inspiration.  I have to assume that none of you really want to be educated on why Turkey is an excellent place for denim production or are interested in how to make an SKU-line plan for a fictional apparel collection.  Not that I fancy talking any more about it even if you did, really.  But while trying to think of something other than posting a series of cute baby animal pictures for everyone's Tuesday enjoyment, I stumbled across this flask which filled me with joy.  It's gotten terrible reviews because it doesn't seem to last more than one wash but maybe it would be good for a bit of random house decor. So happy Tuesday everyone!  Pay attention to this sage advice.  Though maybe save it for the weekend.

girls with class


(Image c/o Urban Outfitters)