The New Marilyn. And A MAC Giveaway!

I am very excited to announce that I have signed onto an incredible project called The New Marilyn and wanted to share it all with you, giving you the chance to participate too!  'The New Marilyn' is a film in production about the legendary Marilyn Monroe that is giving fans the chance to participate and interact with the creation of the final product.  Cool, right? [youtube=]

We are running a contest called 'Are You The New Marilyn?' giving anyone who has ever dreamt of playing the star the chance to audition for a role in the film.  With over 100 entries so far (you can still enter until November 30th) and tens of thousands of votes already placed, the top 10 voted Marilyns by February 28th will be invited to audition.  You can browse entries and vote on both Instagram (@thenewmarilyn) and on Facebook.

And even better...while we are working on putting the finishing touches on some great videos we shot while I was in London, The New Marilyn is giving away a gift set from the very limited-edition MAC x Marilyn Monroe collection!  The set includes a Marilyn Monroe nail polish, eyeliner and blush from this exclusive line.  Enter here!