Bourbon & Boots: Christmas Is On Us.

I'm obsessed with Bourbon & Boots.  You may remember a post I did a few months back about one very special Johnny Cash necklace that we can all agree is pretty badass.

Well, now Bourbon & Boots wants to get you into the Christmas spirit by giving you the chance to win $5,000 to spend on their site!  Bourbon & Boots celebrates everything delightful about the South.  From the awesome aforementioned 'You Keep A Close Watch On This Heart Of Mine' necklace to seersucker bow ties to some pretty incredible (and wonderfully cheeky) prints and cross stitches all the way to some of the best looking foodie items I have ever seen (such as BBQ sauces, oysters and moonshine cookies), this shop has it all.  So if you want $5,000 to spend on all these treats, read below and click on the image to enter!

I've even done my own Pinterest board with all the gifts that I want to give this year!  Check it out here.