We may be nearly a week into November but that just means we are only one week into MOVEMBER!  Want to know more about this month of moustaches and doing good by a man with one of the coolest voices ever? [youtube=]


Now let's be clear, I am supporting Movember full stop...despite not being able to properly participate with the big dogs (i.e. I have no way of growing a moustache but if I could, it would be awesome).  But my support is dominated by a pretty cool dude I like to call 'my brother'.  Literally.  My brother, Tucker, is one of the best fellas I know and really goes for it every Movember as a member of Team Pow Stache, otherwise known as the guys from Ski & Skiiing Magazines.  So click here to donate to Tucker and the team.

And then appreciate his Day 1 'babyface':

The team preparing themselves for this year's battle:

Followed by the impressive result from last year: