Creepy Candies.

Continuing with the series of 'I really f**king love Halloween', it would be a complete mis-step on my part if I didn't talk about sweets.  I've not yet indulged myself in the awesome but quickly gross beauty of candy corn and my restraint in picking up a bag of 'fun size' candy bars is borderline annoying.  I grew up in a teeny tiny town where homes were few and far between so trick-or-treating was more of a routine tour in my parents car to the homes of our family friends.  Our final stop would be across the street (yes, we had a neighbor!) at the home of an 80's music legend and his model wife.  The treats we would get there would be bizarre but insanely cool sweets from around the world that they would collect for us while on tour.  While my classmates would arrive at school the next day with standard junk food to show off, I'd have a stick of gum from Japan the size of my head with adorable cartoon penguins on the packaging. So it got me thinking about the alternatives to what may be deemed 'normal' to this somewhat odd and unexplained tradition of eating massive amounts of sugar dressed as a zombie princess.