Pumpkin Party.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a Pumpkin Party on a rooftop somewhere in depths of Chinatown.  Surrounded by some of my very favorite people from my time at Parsons, you would have thought that this would be a real display of artistic ability.  But as it turns out, pumpkins are seriously hard to carve and we all have a very short attention span.

We did our best amidst some very thematic cocktails, a plethora of orange-colored sweets and the company of a small, excitable dog named Mr. Lunch.  One guest came well-prepared with a dry walk knife...I showed up with miniature pumpkins because the notion of walking through Manhattan with a full-sized gourd was beyond daunting.

So as much as I love the shadows made by the flicker of a hidden candle and the smell of pumpkin coming dangerously close to catching fire, we don't all have rooftops or patience enough to actually carve these bad boys.