Hocus Pocus.

Aside from the Christmas holidays, because I get to do tequila shots with my family in front of a roaring fire (fact), Halloween is my absolute favorite. Maybe it is because it speaks to my darker side or that I secretly like the sense of fear and alchemy mixed with the cold weather and smell of autumn.  Or maybe it is just because I like anything costume-related and am happy to get weird with a caramel apple.

What I do know is that this year, despite not (yet) getting to any kind of haunted hayride/house/maze, I will be spending All Hollows' Eve with a 3-year-old dressed as Tinkerbell followed by one of my favorite gay men (potentially also dressed as Tinkerbell)...just as the Great Pumpkin intended.  And while I have done nothing by way of properly spooky plans, other than getting completely overwhelmed and then a little hyperactive at the Disney Store picking up costume accoutrements for the aforementioned Tinkerbell, I'm excited.

So it isn't that I have proper rituals to get myself in the Halloween spirit but there are certain things that really make me feel like I have properly rung in the holiday.  Mostly watching the feature film Hocus Pocus.  It is ridiculous and silly and one of the best things to happen to all of us ever.  There is Bette Midler, Salem and a zombie with a heart of gold.



I may be talking a lot about Halloween this week.  You've been warned.