It's About To Go Gown.

Did everyone get that pun?  I'm not sure if it was too far of a stretch or not. So this weekend, I am up in Boston for my first proper pow-wow as Maid of Honor with best bride friend.  Major point on the agenda is bridesmaid dresses.  Color, concept, plan.  It's a pretty big deal and I've been waiting, oh, all my life to do this job so you better guess I am pretty excited.  Somewhere in between prom and my wedding (maybe at some time ever eventually), this is the most important dress I will ever wear.  Needless to say, I've been doing my research.  But when you do research on pretty dresses to wear that you want to remember forever, you end up distracted.  In my case, by The Outnet.

None of these are for a bridesmaid.  None of them are even in my budget.  But that didn't stop me from accidentally dedicating a fair amount of time to trying to justify events and finances to get them into my closet.  One of the supporting arguments is that they would look really nice hanging in there.  And they would, wouldn't they?

(All images c/o The Outnet)