Paris Spring 2013: Balenciaga, Barbara Bui, Cacharel.

Well, 'Fashion Month' is officially over.  Paris is the final week in the series and, arguably, the most important so LOOK OUT!  I've chosen some of my favorite shows this week to recap for you.  I'll try to keep it short and sweet because I know it has been fashion show overload recently.  But guess what?  I'm the boss.  But I'll be gentle. I feel like it is sacrilegious to not like a Balenciaga collection.  The name itself demands respect.  And it was a good show.  Not great.  Not super memorable.  But a good show.  It wasn't until well into the show that some of my favorite looks came out and, dare I say, they were super accessible!  I mean, I could see them walking down the street...maybe in my own closet?  Sweet dresses and especially the classic white sweater with a beautiful skirt!  Balenciaga is no longer for the hoity toity but!

Oh Barbara Bui...what a sexy freakin' resurgence you're having!  If we are talking about a youthful update, in Paris terms of course, then this label is the poster child.  Leather on leather.  Black on blue.  Casual on gorgeous.  It was seriously simple.  Tailored, classic and comfortable - French fashion embodied.

Cacharel proved to be one of my favorite shows of the season.  Except the responsibility of this label fell upon only a few looks.  It started ok.  It ended a bit 'meh'.  But something happened in between that was delightful.  Maybe it was the color or the styling or the feminine silhouettes.  Oh I don't know.  And that's ok.  I just love it.  Sometimes that is good enough.

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