McQueen Spring 2013: The Bee's Knees in Paris.

Sarah Burton made her inspiration crystal clear for the Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 show in Paris this season.  Bees.  Cutesy?  Kitsch?  A bit too sweet?  Not in the McQueen world.  The bright yellows and floral appliques could have been a bit too over the top, even for this label, but the dark reminder of the sting and the regal nature of the colony were what poured through.

The take on the bee keeper hat was in your face but the references to golden honey, floral hints (in some cases, more of a punch than a hit) and honeycomb patterns all held true to the McQueen aesthetic.  Not to mention the silhouettes that the label has made famous.  Volume balanced by restrictive structure.  Is it commercial?  Of course not.  Not like this at least.  But Alexander McQueen always wanted to make a statement first and sell garments later.  Sarah Burton obviously understands and embraces that legacy.

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