Missoni Spring 2013: White Washed.

Before I get into the beauty that is Missoni, I want to remind you of the beauty that is Astrid Endeavor and the necklace we are lucky enough to giveaway with the artist herself!  You have until Thursday to enter...which you can do HERE. Missoni is trademarked by its bright colors and zig-zag knits so you can imagine the surprise when, for their Spring 2013 show, both were subdued to the point of being completely absent at times.  But it suited the label so well!  One of the greatest and last fashion families still in operation, Missoni is still impossibly cool (mostly thanks to the presence of fun, young family spokesperson Margherita) but their fashions can seem a bit repetitive at times.  So it was incredibly refreshing to see and updated take on the Missoni trademark look.

It was still easy to see exactly what house the looks were coming from, even though the beauty and those bizarre imposing collars seemed to take a fair amount of attention.  When I think about the Missoni girl, she is organic, natural, effortless...slicked down hair with frizzy ends and the brightest possible lip color didn't, to me, seem to fit into the ethos that was already being tested.  But I guess this is Fashion Week(s) and I should shut my mouth.

Oh Missoni, you legend.  Would you like to come live in my closet?  Or better yet...can I come live in yours?

(All images c/o Style.com)