OH MY DIOR: The Spring 2013 Collection.

There is very little to say about this collection other than squeal with delight and make faces at it like you've just fallen in love.  One of the most anticipated shows of the season (the other being the newly renamed 'Saint Laurent'), all eyes were on Raf Simons to see if the magic he brought to his final Jil Sander show and his first Dior Couture show were simply flukes or the work of a real star.  So as guests settled into one of the four different colored block rooms specially constructed at Invalides in Paris (and I settled into my bed watching it live streaming online), there was quite the buzz.




Raf delivered.  Raf exceeded expectation.  I want Raf to be my best friend.  Saying before the show that he wanted to pay as much attention to the legacy that is Mr. Dior as he did to his own aesthetic and vision, it seems these two men make a great spiritual team.  With designers like Sarah Burton at McQueen getting some stick for trying too hard to recreate what her predecessor may have wanted and Hedi Slimane given a hard time for potentially stripping YSL of its heritage, Raf seemed to find a really happy medium.






Don't alienate but update.  It was Dior to the core but in a new era.  The shoes seemed to be a problem for a few of the models but if that is the biggest hurdle, who cares.  This was a gorgeous show and Raf has obviously found his way home.







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(Images c/o Style.com)