Luisa Beccaria Spring 2013: The Cool Girl From Ipanema.

If you're looking for a Spring 2013 show that chose a theme and then stuck to it come hell or high water, look no further than Luisa Beccaria.  Including a model that walked the catwalk holding a massive basket of flowers on her head, this show stood its ground.  It was a beautiful sweet sexiness that you come to love and expect from the Italians.




Parts of it seemed costume-y and there weren't any surprises as the show went understood what the designer wanted to portray and that was that.  But none of this overshadowed the fact that this was a genuinely beautiful show.  Well, except that there also wasn't a huge amount of variation in looks...maxi dress after maxi skirt after maxi dress.  As a major supporter and promoter of the 'maxi' revolution, shapes didn't change much and I just kept thinking that all these massive silhouettes would swallow me alive.  I know it isn't all about me but it kinda is at the same time.  This is fashion after all!  :)





The beauty and styling kinda stole the show for much as they could when I really did fall in love with some of the dresses.  The bright head wraps seemed silly at first look but actually ended up being quite perfect.  The simple make-up and straight hair evoked an effortless girlish charm that we all put a lot of effort into trying to recreate.  Bright pink lip, bronzed cheeks...all in all, a good pout and cheekbones.  In a sea of shows dedicated to black and white, as well as the return of the goth for springtime, the steadfast use of nothing but pink, blue and white was not revolutionary but refreshing.  A reminder of what season we were looking at.







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