I Have A Fashion Hangover. And The Party Is Still Going.

I am very aware that I have you all knee-deep in my own overload of the somehow still occurring fashion weeks for the Spring 2013 collections.  That's right.  They aren't done and so I'm not done.  But I also know that not all who read this blog are of such intense fashion persuasion.  I want to make sure I am giving you as much variation in what I somewhat coherently babble about, and the truth is, it can be quite tough when you're religiously watching fashion shows all day, every day for a month straight.  So when I saw this pearl of wisdom, I knew it had come at the right time.

So, my question to you is, anything you really want to hear about?  I focus on a lot of my own inspiration and what catches my eye on a daily basis but Thrill of the Chaise is as much about you, the readers, as it is about moi.  Let's hear it  :)  Feel free to comment or email me here. xx