Mulberry Spring 2013: Busy & Beautiful. Real Beautiful.

I had high hopes for Mulberry.  Every season seems to be a seemingly impossible improvement on the year before.  The label is a total pro when it comes to holding tight to quirky English tradition and staying updated and, in fact, cooler than any of us can ever hope to be.  Am I setting myself up for disappointment?  I should be.  But dammit!  Emma Hill and her team have done it a-bloody-gain!

I'm not mad.  I'm excited.  Ok, I'm a little bit mad.  But only because I can't afford it.  Right now.  And I want all of it.  Right now.  I know it is part of the whole aesthetic of Mulberry but the collections make me want to get lost in some kind of magical forest dressed like the most adorable girl ever.  My one issue?  The poodles.  I don't like them and not even Mulberry can make me.

What was that?  You want to win a beautiful necklace?  Well, you're in luck...Thrill of the Chaise is giving one away with one of my favorite Etsy shops!  Enter here!

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