LFW Spring 2013: Mary Katrantzou, Topshop Unique & Vivienne Westwood Red

I can imagine that designing a collection for Mary Katrantzou is double the stress for the designer.  She is known for her inventive and bold patterns as much as she is for the garments and looks themselves.  That s**t ain't easy.  This season, I have to say, Mary K seems to have really hit her stride as not just a wild textile mistress but as a designer playing against all the big boys.  The notion of old postage stamps offered a romantic and slightly childlike feel to an otherwise hectic aesthetic.  I'm more than obsessed with the color palettes and would happily slide myself into any of the dresses and accompanying shoes given half a chance.

I love Topshop.  And I love Topshop Unique for being able to hold its own (and even be one of the most anticipated London shows) in a sea of designers that aren't directly attached to a high-street shop.  The collection was nice.  Yup.  Nice.  Upon first look, my thought was 'this looks like a real designer collection'.  But that was immediately taken over by 'but is that what I really want out of Topshop?'  I expected something more cutting edge and innovative.  It was nice but forgettable...probably because it looks like the less memorable moments in the New York and London shows that have already come to pass.

It looked like the waiting room in Beetlejuice.  So it's no wonder why I got so excited about the Vivienne Westwood Red show.  With 50s Stepford Wives meeting Tim Burton, Miss Viv forces me to fall in love with her more with every look I get.  For all the kookiness, the looks and silhouettes were a bit more refined than I have come to expect.  But I think they needed to be.  It's all about what you do with the personality after all.  Don't ever stop being you Ms. Westwood.