House of Holland Spring 2013: Yes. A Million Times Yes.

In theory, I should love House of Holland.  In reality, I've always found it a bit 'try-too-hard' silly.  I try...I really do...because I want to be part of the Henry Holland clique.  And FINALLY the man has given me the chance!  Mr. Holland has gone a bit moody this season or at least as moody as this guy, who I can only assume is made of cotton candy and Skittles, can get.

Still present are all the bold prints and patterns the designer is known for but, and I know I keep saying this, it's a bit more mature.  I mean...not properly grown-up but not so damn goofy.  The boots are badass.  There are metallic biker jackets.  And these girls can really rock the beanie!  It's a bit like all the best parts of House of Holland and Marni collided.  I've gone from zero to giddy in 8 fashion show minutes.

I'm a little obsessed with the last look's like I can suddenly be a kid of the 90s again but cool...really cool.

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