Bebe Spring 2013: Everything You Didn't Expect.

I wasn't too excited about going to see the Bebe Spring 2013 presentation during New York Fashion Week.  My feet were getting tired.  My head was starting to go dizzy.  And I don't have much time for low-end club wear at high-end prices.  Harsh?  Maybe a little.  But don't act like you don't think the same thing.  Press releases had gone out that the brand was making a leap into a new identity...away from trashy (not exactly their words but not far off) towards the Bebe girl who has grown-up.


So I showed up.  Reluctantly.  And then was kept waiting in line outside for an hour.  Angrily.  Needless to say, at 45 minutes into the wait, I had already written-off this collection.  Whatever was  behind those doors, I was going to tear apart.  As I started to make a mental list of all the things Bebe should fire their marketing team for, I was finally welcomed into the building and slowly ushered into what could really only be described as a 'pod'.



And for someone who holds a grudge pretty easily, DAMMIT, I was impressed.  As I peered through portals (literally) lit up with bright white lights at stoic models, I was really put in my place.  The collection was great.  Updated shapes, colored leather, styling to be envious would have been impossible for anyone to guess this was Bebe.  One side of the room glowed with white and pale pink as it faced 4 identical portals (some with packs for 3 or 5 models) donning black and green jewel tones.

Bebe isn't out of the clear yet...but here's to hoping they deliver these goods.  I want them and I think we all deserve them.

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