Ruffian Spring 2013: The Highlight Of My Fashion Week

Getting an email asking if I wanted to be the assistant to the stylist for the Ruffian Spring 2013 show was probably one of the highlights of my summer.  Walking into the Ruffian studios the week before Fashion Week offered a surreal moment of feeling a part of one of the coolest teams in fashion.  Brian Wolk and Claude Morais are designers that understand a strong team mentality and encourage it from all aspects of their business.  I could wax lyrical about how wonderful my experience with the entire Ruffian team was for days so I'll get down to the nitty gritty and just show/tell you how awesome the show itself actually was. After I just say it is super surreal to be backstage at Lincoln Center watching a show you have come to know intimately on a TV screen as the models walk out.  Phew.  Done.

It was a rainy Saturday morning but the Ruffian show was a complete ray of light.  From the candy colored Converse worn by all the models to the Williamsburg toile print that was not just a feature for the looks but also the backdrop for the runway, Ruffian made it all fun.  The show was all about juxtaposition.  It was Marie Antoinette if she was born and raised in Brooklyn.  Sumptious silks and jaquards were displayed as overalls and leggings.  Undone bouffants and the occassional red lip (Ruffian Red, that is) made it feel like you were walking down the street in Brooklyn, envious of the girl you just passed who was obviously on her way home from a night so cool that you will probably never experience it.

I want all the looks in my closet immediately.  The fun part is, you kinda can...  The Ruffian website is letting you not just get in on their Mac collaboration but also gives you the ability to buy one of the Williamsburg toile silk scarves and printed t-shirts that walked down the runway.  I'm obsessed.  You will be too.

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