Nicholas K Spring 2013: Making A Signature Look Work.

If you were following me during the Fall/Winter 2012 shows, you would know that Nicholas K was the first show I properly attended and that it was my favorite of the season (read it here).  The aesthetic was slightly terrifying and totally cool.  I mean, really cool.  I mean, cool that you can't learn but just have to be.  I was almost nervous waiting to see what their Spring collection would deliver because the label's sensibility fits so perfectly in Fall/Winter attire.


Did it trump their previous collection?  Not to me.  But did it deliver?  Totally.  The draping and cropped trousers that make Nicholas K, well, Nicholas K were in full-effect and familiar but somehow new in their updated context.  Massive tortoiseshell necklaces and cowboy hats from last season were replaced by major oversized glasses and head wraps.  As put by the designers themselves, the collection was inspired by  the film Soylent Green and evoking a '70s futuristic nomad'.  Job done, then.






Now please excuse me because I forgot that I've been waiting since February to dress like a gothic cowboy thanks to Nicholas K.