Young British Designers.

I'm a supporter of all things British.  I spent 7 years of my adult life (which is, basically, ALL of my adult life) living in London and I cried a little bit during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies just because I was so proud (not at all British, whatever).  One might be able to imagine how enthralled I was when I discovered an e-commerce fashion site dedicated to the talents of young British designers, aptly named Young British Designers. They offer a retail experience that supports and encourages young and not so young designers which also proves most excellent for those of us who want to remain on the cutting edge of fashion but may not have the ability to wander East London on the regular.  The website's 'About Us' is a wonderful read which sets the retailer apart alone.  'We love British design, there's just something about it, it's not the sophisticated je ne sais quoi of our European cousins, or the high octane desirability of our US counterparts.  It's just so cool, as cool as Concord, as cool as the O2 Arena (so who else has got one?) - cool.  Cool Britannia.'

Here are some of my favorites from the site: