I know, fashion girl problems, right?  Peplums to fashion are what that Gotye song is to music.  Pretty cool at first but played to death and now a point of major irritation.  I think you'd be hard pressed to find many of the shows from February's fashion weeks that did not feature at least one version of a peplum and now we're all paying for it. THAT BEING SAID...I came across an image on the blog 'That's So New York' that made me forget for a moment (and then another moment after) that peplums are super annoying.  I suppose some of my back-pedaling is actually because peplums aren't a bad trend, as it were.  The poor things have just been on every runway and in every shop front across the globe and I'm super bored with them.

And as if by magic, as soon as I saw the above image of the CC KUO look on that fateful day, I accidentally stumbled across some more peplum usage that I actually didn't mind that much and would even venture to say I kind of enjoy.

Let's never talk about this again.