New Obsession: Bryony Lloyd Illustrations

I came across Bryony Lloyd's artwork quite randomly but was immediately enthralled with her work.  There is something very surreal and mystical about the way she approaches her illustrations that makes you feel like you're looking at life through a kind of bizarre lens.  Bryony's fearless use of color reminds me a lot of scenes from Henri-Georges Clouzot's film 'Inferno' which itself is steeped in mystery. For anyone unfamiliar with the film, it is actually a recent documentary about 'Inferno' that ever allowed the unfinished work to be brought to the screens.  A story about a French filmmaker overtaken with jealousy at the idea of his young wife having an affair.  Tales of madness on the set, breakdowns of actors and finally a heart attack by the film's director himself stopped all production on what was to be one of the most expensive and elaborate films in French history.  Terrifying but fascinating.

But it isn't 'Inferno' that I want to share.  It is Bryony's work in all its glory.

The artist's take on the star signs makes up some of her most fascinating work.  She not just re-works images we might otherwise find familiar but does so to create her own view of the signs themselves.

You can see all of Bryony's prints for sale here.