Chloe's 'It' Boots...By Zara.

When standing outside the Chanel Haute Couture show last month (see here), I found myself thrown together in the pit of sorts with lots of name-shouting, excitable photographers trying to get the best shots of the drop dead gorgeous celebrities making their way into the show.  It was purely by accident because I really just wanted to see what the arriving guests were wearing and wasn't actually taking any photos other than mental snapshots.  Ah well.  The point is that it was actually a female photographer that caught my attention with her super casual but super cool style.  Slim leather ankle-length trousers matched with a semi-sheer white t-shirt and a pair of red studded boots I was immediately obsessed with. Browsing through Zara the next day and lo and behold!  Have I found them?  These super cool ankle boots?!  All the pieces of my life began to fit together and make sense suddenly as this woman finally gave me hope in life.  As long as I can afford Zara, I can be a cool French photographer outside the Chanel show too!!!


But nay.  It took me only a couple of hours more to realize that somehow this lady could afford to put statement boots from Chloe on her person and I, the fashion student, would be condemned to the 'knock off' version.  But in reality...the boots are cool and Zara has done a pretty bang up job on holding their own despite potentially stealing the aside from quality, craftsmanship and a few details that make the Chloe pair a bit more thought through, I'd rather spend $189 on a pair of boots that may or may not stand the test of trendsetting time.  Think of all the fun I could have with the $1,100 left over :)

So I'm not making a judgement.  I'm just making a statement.  Zara is a copy cat but does an ok job at it sometimes.  What do you think?  A bit too much of a tribute to the Chloe boots?  Or just enough?

(Zara images copyright of Zara. Chloe images copyright of SSENSE.)